How to use SMS payment for travel and hospitality

Using SMS to create frictionless payment moments for travellers and guests

It can be stressful when travel doesn’t go to plan. So anything that you can do to empower your customers – and keep them up to date – helps enormously.

But what’s the best way of doing it? You can’t always trust email because customers won’t always see it – especially if they’re on the move.

SMS is a much better way to stay in touch – especially when it comes to payment moments. It takes the tension out of travelling and lets your customers know you’ve got their back when they’re far away from home.

Read the SMS use case for travel and hospitality companies to see how text can help you:

  • Keep customers in the loop with real-time notifications
  • Make your customers feel more in control
  • Give travellers flexibility when things don’t go to plan


Download the Use Case