IT happens

How to reduce the damage of IT downtime.

IT outages are bad—and leaving your employees in the dark during one leads to confusion, stress, and wasted time.

You can’t eliminate IT downtime completely, but you can reduce the damage with a proactive communications strategy. If you keep people informed, they can adapt. And by using an automated system to keep in touch, you free up your IT team to concentrate entirely on the issue at hand, rather than fielding incoming calls from frustrated employees or management.

We call it the Empathetic Interaction—anticipating what your employees want to know and when they’ll need to know it. And delivered by SMS, these timely interactions are the opposite of sending delayed all-staff emails and time-wasting recorded IVR messages of “No resolution” or “Until further notice”.

Download this use case to find out how you can solve your IT communications issues using a mobile messaging solution that is:

  • Cloud-based—so not hit by your own outages
  • Simple to trigger via SMS—so no Internet connection required
  • Able to alert only impacted employees


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