Mobile Engagement Platform datasheet

Flexible, enterprise-wide mobile messaging to provide empathetic customer interactions… all from one simple system.

Customer experience is a big enterprise play. Businesses that do it well are big winners – and they’re leaving the ones that don’t stumbling in their wake.

Which means you need to get up-to-speed fast—on a system that’s available right now.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) makes it easier for your business to use SMS and MMS to communicate with customers. Importantly, it’s flexible enough to use across your entire organization—from service appointment reminders and perfectly-timed marketing offers to customer satisfaction surveys and emergency alerts.

Download the datasheet to find out how MEP:

  • Is packed with options to help you create intuitive, two-way interactions
  • Delivers key use cases across the entire enterprise
  • Provides power to your developers and ease-of-use to your non-technical staff

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