When prevention is better than a cure | Philips

How Philips used automated SMS alerts to help hospitals deliver a better quality of care.

Philips is a global leader in healthcare and provides a number of mission-critical systems – including MRI scanners.

MRI scanners are essential for the fast diagnosis of potentially life-threatening conditions like tumors or aneurysms. So if an MRI scanner breaks down, it not only costs the hospital money – it can cost a patient their life.

Read ‘When prevention is better than a cure’ to find out how Philips worked with us to keep these machines in the best conditions, no matter what.

In it you’ll find:

  • How we combined the Internet of Things and SMS messaging to save hospitals money and enhance patient experience.
  • How an A2P SMS platform helped Philips scale their e-Alerts system across multiple networks in several different countries.
  • How automated, machine-based communications are changing the face of healthcare, and what other industries can learn from it.


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