SMS alerts case | Virgin Trains

Learn how Virgin Trains used SMS alerts to tackle customer overcrowding in our transport case study.

Virgin Trains: Right on Time
Using SMS alerts to satisfy customers

Virgin Trains had a huge problem. Overcrowding at Euston Station in London was making their customers stressed-out and unhappy.

By using the power of AP2 SMS messaging, they turned that problem into a massive customer experience win. We call it the Empathetic Interaction – giving customers exactly what they need at exactly the time they need it.

Read the case study to find out:

  • Why Virgin Trains needed to connect with their customers in real time;
  • Why A2P SMS was the only way to get right into passengers’ pockets;
  • How they improved the CX for everyone – not just their own customers;
  • And how their SMS solution made them the talk of their industry.

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