How to use SMS password reset alerts

De-stress the password reset process with simple and secure SMS alerts.

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Fast and convenient

SMS is the fastest way for your customers to reset their passwords. There’s no need to open a browser or app. A quick text exchange and they’re done.

Simply secure

Authenticating your customers couldn’t be easier. You just need to pair their phone numbers with their account details.

Better for your customers, better for you

Managing password resets over the phone creates work for your agents and frustrates your customers. No one wants to wait in a queue just to get a new password. Automate these interactions with SMS and everyone wins.

Automate workflows

It goes without saying that any password-related messages will need to be automated – your customers expect you to react in the moment. The good news is that building an automated workflow should be quick and easy, especially if you’re using a low-code system. You just drag and drop messages into a flowchart and the software takes care of the rest.


Consider short codes

Short codes are ideal for password-related messages. They’re memorable, can be typed out in seconds and can handle a huge amount of traffic.

Remind regularly

Passwords have a sell by date so your customers should be updating them regularly. SMS is a great way to prompt them. It’s more immediate than email and less intrusive than a phone call. It also spurs customers into action. Various sources report SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%, respectively. This contrasts with 20% and 6% for email.

Satisfied customers

It’s unlikely a smart password reset process will delight customers but you can satisfy their desire for a smooth, seamless, stress-free experience. And this can translate into better CSAT scores –  66% of people feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good customer experience..


Engaged support teams

Agents spend up to 50% of their time helping people to reset passwords over the phone or on a live chat. Automate this process with SMS and they’ll have a lot more time to focus on real customer experience issues.

Reduced costs

Helping a customer reset one password can cost up to $70 in resources and support time. SMS is a cheaper, better, more efficient way.

Communicate clearly and concisely

When a customer is looking to reset their password they’re likely to be frustrated and impatient. Make their life easier by getting straight to the point. Your message copy should be short, precise and focused on key information.

Check your tone

A lot of password-related messages are stiff and formal and this can make a business look staid and impersonal. Stick to the conversational, breezy tone you use for all other customer service messages.

Provide support

You may be looking to reduce contact centre queues but be careful not to isolate customers. If you don’t receive a response to your initial message, follow up with your support team’s contact details.


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