Back to School: SMS Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Word

Sep 1, 2016

When you think about distractions in the school environment, what comes to mind? Whether it’s a grade school or college, text messaging has to be near the top of the list. As a professor or …

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5 Non-Traditional Ways Retailers are Using SMS for Strong Results

May 19, 2016

One of the greatest values of SMS lies in its versatility. Though it’s commonly used as a marketing tool for retailers, and rightly so, it’s worthwhile for much more.
If you’re a retailer, you must …

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How to Effectively Communicate and Engage Employees Via SMS

Mar 24, 2016

As business owners, we often spend a lot of time and energy focusing on how we can better engage with customers. And while this is certainly an important component of a successful customer-oriented business, it’s …

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How SMS Can Be Used in Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution

Mar 17, 2016

When you look at companies in transportation, logistics, and distribution, it’s clear that technology and innovation are massively important. Being up to date can mean the difference between being highly efficient and missing a deadline. …

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The Value of Mobile Messaging for Human Resources

Jan 28, 2016

Human resources is about the people factor in your organization: the HR person or department aims to attract the best talent and keep it talent happy and productive for as long as possible. If you’re …

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