Quo Vadis A2P SMS Ecosystem?

Sep 22, 2016 Jean-Léon_Gérôme_-_The_Christian_Martyrs'_Last_Prayer_-_Walters_37113

Are there more or fewer players in the market today?
As I returned from a very busy Wholesale World Congress (WWC) where many SMS players assembled in Madrid, Spain, I wondered if there are more …

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App Update Required? I’d Rather Use SMS

Aug 16, 2016

Having worked in the mobile space for over 13 years now, I’d like to think I embrace all of the technology it has to offer. Sometimes I feel that too many companies are overlooking …

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Use of SMS by Enterprises is Skyrocketing: Customer Case Study

Aug 2, 2016

According to Portio Research, “The most popular form of communications in the world is SMS.” It’s estimated that almost five billion people (Source: GSMA) regularly use SMS. Many of them use it almost every day, …

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Aug 1, 2016

Boxers have known for a long time that the one-two combination is the most effective way to win fights. Using the same metaphor, how can enterprises use a combination of SMS use cases to effectively …

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OpenMarket Named “Best for B2C Mobile Engagement Solutions – USA” in CV Magazine’s 2016 Mid-Market Achievement Awards

Jul 27, 2016

Early this week we received the exciting news that OpenMarket has been named “Best for B2C Mobile Engagement Solutions – USA” by Corporate Vision (CV) Magazine in the 2016 Mid-Market Achievement Awards. The annual awards …

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