It’s 2017: Is SMS Part of Your Marketing Technology Stack?

Jan 17, 2017

For many marketers, the New Year signals a time for reflection, planning and change. Evaluating your marketing technology stack is no exception. The set of technologies that marketers choose to support their marketing activities …

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Sam Gets a Shock – OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series

Dec 22, 2016

Sam has obviously been doing a lot of holiday shopping. In this latest installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series, Sam receives some horrifying news via SMS …his bank balance.

When Sam receives this …

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A Chat Bot by Any Other Name…

Dec 13, 2016

Chat Bots, Machine Learning, Human-Assisted Virtual Assistants, Expression Language, and Keywords: what an interesting bouquet of roses we have! Each smells sweet, but has its own particular thorns.
Keep in mind these technologies represent …

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Sam’s Second Interview – OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series

Nov 24, 2016

Following the launch of our first two cartoons of the OpenMarket SMS Series, this week we give you an insight into Sam’s second interview at ABC Communications. Just like so many customer experience decision makers, …

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Who Has the Bigger … Yacht?

Nov 11, 2016

Typically, testosterone-driven humans seem to like comparing each other in order to determine who is “the best”. The world’s richest among this group find yachts to be a good battle ground, but also pubescent boys …

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