11 questions you can now answer about your SMS campaigns

With the help of indigo Insights

OpenMarket – July 23, 2020

The world of business mobile messaging got a whole lot smarter recently – with the launch of indigo Insights.

You can read all about the different plans, dashboards and reporting capabilities here. But we thought it would be useful to explain the new possibilities in another way.

So here are 11 questions you can answer with the help of indigo Insights – whether you’re a brand or an SMS provider handling messaging traffic for your customers.

How are my messages distributed across different channels?
Use indigo Insights to get a clear picture of the breakdown across short codes, long codes and alphanumeric originators.

Which messages have been delivered, and which failed?
Not every SMS provider can tell business customers which of their messages were delivered. indigo Insights can help with that.

Which messages have actually been read?
indigo users get read receipts for all texts delivered as RCS or Branded Messages through indigo. These tell you exactly when a recipient opened your message.

Which countries have the biggest volumes?
You can track your global messaging traffic, and dive into performance data by country.

What are my short codes really being used for – and what type of content do the majority of messages actually contain?
With the Premium plan, you can access daily word clouds that show you the top 30 words by frequency in each short code.

What other brands are using my short codes?
With data about brands and entities – as well as URLs – you can see exactly who’s using the codes and where they’re sending traffic. You’ll see it all – even if it’s just a single message.

Have my messages been flagged as spam?
With data from the AT&T 7726 spam report, you’ll always stay informed. Set up email alerts so you’ll be notified automatically – no need to check your dashboard every day!

Are my messages complying with carrier guidelines and my campaign brief?
It can be tricky to track whether or not you’re following the rules you agreed with the carriers in your campaign brief. indigo Insights makes it much easier to ensure you’re following the brief – and that you’re compliant with the carrier’s wider guidelines.

How many complaints are we getting by message volume?
You can slice your data in different ways – by total volume and by unique MSISDNs – to give you extra context.

Are we using any prohibited words or phrases?
Our Premium plan gives you data on additional risk factors like the use of prohibited phrases and questionable language that triggers carrier filters. So you can avoid any sticky situations with the carriers.

How many people are opting out?
Track your opt-out rates and use visualizations for an at-a-glance view. If you spot a spike in opt-outs, you can combine this feature with others (like the word clouds) to understand why the spike might have occurred.

Better insights. Better messaging decisions.

Find out how to get better answers to these questions, and more, with the help of indigo Insights.

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