How Branded Messaging helps prevent smishing

SMS messages delivered with your brand logo lead to safer interactions for your customers and employees

OpenMarket – June 24, 2020

The rise of business mobile messaging in recent years has inevitably attracted the attention of smishers and scammers.

Happily, thanks to strict carrier rules and regulations, mobile messaging remains a safe and relatively spam and smishing-free business channel.

But now there’s an opportunity to make mobile messaging even safer – while improving customer experience.

It’s all thanks to a revolutionary new messaging product called Branded Messaging.

What is smishing?

Smishing is the SMS equivalent of phishing – a form of cyber scam where fraudsters try to obtain sensitive information like passwords or credit card details by impersonating trusted brands or entities.

A smishing attack starts when an illicit text message hits a phone’s inbox.

What are different types of smishing?

Smishing messages can take on different forms. Some pose as delivery notifications, asking customers to confirm or reschedule a delivery.

Some pose as a real bank protecting the customer from a fictional fraud – using this precise insecurity to trick the customer into revealing sensitive information.

And increasingly, smishing campaigns are designed to steal credentials like usernames and passwords. Whatever form they take, smishing attacks are carried out by fraudsters who trick unsuspecting consumers by posing as a trusted entity.

How to prevent smishing attacks

Key to combating smishing is the ability to prove your identity – in a way that fraudsters can’t simply copy.

That was one of the challenges we set out to solve when we created our new Branded Messaging service.

Branded Messaging is exactly what the name suggests. It enables you to display your brand name and logo on your messages and in your customers’ inboxes.

Instead of short or long code phone numbers, your name appears as the originator of the message. You press send on an SMS message, and our new indigo multi-channel messaging platform simply ‘upgrades’ your SMS to an RCS format in transit. It arrives as a Branded Message.

Discover indigo by OpenMarket

Brand-verified messages combat smishing

Branded Messaging combats smishing in a couple of ways. First, it improves the messaging experience, so your customers can easily recognize and engage with your legitimate messages.

Second, it makes it impossible for fraudsters to impersonate your brand in this way. That’s because Branded Messages are technically RCS messages – and every brand must register their RCS identity with carriers before joining the ecosystem. This means your customer can be sure your Branded Message is from you.

Adopting rich messaging – like RCS or Apple Business Chat – is another way to ensure your messages display your brand logo.

Find out how OpenMarket can help you with rich messaging.

Your first step to secure messaging

But if your business isn’t yet ready for rich messaging, Branded Messaging is the secure, trustworthy, simple solution.

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