Infographic: Consumers Favor SMS Messaging, Yet Online Retailers Are Missing the Massive Opportunity to Engage

OpenMarket – November 10, 2016

Our recent Retail Mobile Messaging Report conducted by Internet Retailer, polled 100 e-commerce retail professionals about their use of SMS messaging for customer engagement. To accompany the stats, the OpenMarket team crafted an infographic that visually depicts the online retail industry’s massive missed opportunity when it comes to SMS, or text messaging, as it remains an underutilized communication channel that has the potential to deliver much more value than it is today.


The infographic showcases the report’s key findings, which found that a staggering 71 percent of retailers are not currently addressing their customers’ communication preferences and expectations – which include not being tied to a phone or computer for customer service needs.

While online retailers may currently be missing the mark, on a positive note, companies that incorporate SMS into their business-to-communication strategy can achieve maximum business results across vital e-commerce functions such as customer service—which 34 percent of those retailers polled express as being a main goal in the coming year. The cherry on the top is that SMS also helps drives revenue.

Millennials have already learned the benefits of text messaging, and companies that offer engagement through SMS are building brand loyalty because of it, while also seeing 85-90 percent conversion. With 75 percent of millennials preferring SMS for customer services such as delivery notifications, brand promotions and surveys—it’s safe to say they’ve gotten message. If you’ve gotten it too, then contact us for more information on how to incorporate SMS into your customer engagement strategy.

To download the infographic:

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