New mobile messaging platform drives personalization at scale

Discover what the AI-powered, multi-channel future of mobile messaging looks like

Are you feeling creative? Then let’s start imagining.

How could a business mobile messaging platform serve your brand and customers better?

It already helps you interact with unlimited numbers of people – at precise moments and exact places.

But how could it better adapt to the communication habits of modern consumers?

How could it engage them more?

How could it make your CX budgets go even further?

Personalized, multi-channel messaging

These are the types of questions we’re always trying to answer.

And at MWC19 in LA back in October, we presented a proof of concept – alongside UK broadcasting giant ITV – of an exciting (and imminent) new type of mobile-first CX. A customer interaction platform that could help you automate:

- When you communicate with customers
- Which mobile messaging channel to use
- What to say
- And how to say it

It brings together data insights, AI automation, different messaging channels, natural language processing (NLP) and one of the world’s leading messaging networks.

A platform like this would let you create rich, personalized, totally automated two-way interactions – with unlimited numbers of customers.

We couldn’t have been more excited to be partnering with the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster to present this proof of concept. ITV was the first to broadcast worldwide reality hits such as Love Island, X Factor, and the Got Talent shows.

So they know all about the importance of automating processes to engage with vast audiences.

New CX and AI research

We already know this type of interaction platform is a concept consumers and brands everywhere are excited by.  We also know it’s going to improve customer satisfaction, increase response and conversion rates, and engender customer loyalty.

How? We recently surveyed more than 4,000 consumers and 600 customer-service leaders to investigate how brands can develop more empathetic bonds with their customers, while gaining efficiencies through CX automation.

The findings are helping us shape our future products. But we wanted to share this knowledge with brands and the messaging industry too. So we created the Empathy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence research report.

Click on the link above to download it for free. Expect it to answers questions such as:

- What does a consumer-brand relationship mean in the AI era?

- How can brands develop empathetic bonds with large audiences – while reining in CX budgets?

- What role does empathy play in business?

- How important do customers think it is?

- What should I do next?

What next?

Back to the proof of concept.

If you missed us at MWC, no problem. You can click here to talk with one of our experts.

This is the most exciting time in the history of mobile messaging. The possibilities are endless. And we can’t wait to talk to you about them.

Duncan Begg – October 21, 2019

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