How tech businesses are nailing customer experience with SMS

OpenMarket – April 24, 2018

When you’re a technology brand, customer experience is everything.

It’s what separates the cloud players from the on-premise players. It’s what keeps users attached to tools and platforms. And it’s what differentiates the brands that make it from the brands that don’t.

The thing is, even if you have the slickest, smartest products, you need to be focused on what’s best for the customer at all times. That means reducing friction at every possible interaction during the customer journey.

That’s why forward-thinking brands like FICO are stepping up their game and upgrading their customer support channels to SMS. Through simple, automated text messaging programs, they’re now able to respond instantly to their customers’ requests, and solve time consuming problems through rapid, easy interactions.

Take complaint handling for example. That’s a complex issue that requires urgent attention and sensitivity. Try to solve it over the phone, and you risk angering an already-dissatisfied customer by placing them in a phone queue or call center.

Try solving it by email, and you risk sending an unsatisfying response – if your response doesn’t get sent to the customer’s junk folder first. SMS solves these problems by giving your customers a neat, discreet, non-confrontational way to send their complaint straight to your business.

Another great use case for SMS is event management. By prompting people to sign up to events via text, you create a sense of exclusivity, and gain the power to initiate personalized, timely conversations with each of your customers and prospects. That gives you the freedom to develop each conversation in whichever way suits you – and secure the highest number of event attendees possible.

SMS is also a great channel for handling GDPR-related customer data requests. By allowing customers to simply text “ACCESS,” “UPDATE” or “DELETE,” you’ll demonstrate that you’re transparent and responsible with their data. And on your side, you’ll have clear instructions as to what each customer wants from you. Win-win.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of SMS use cases here – the opportunities are endless.

To see other examples of what SMS has to offer tech businesses like yours, such as kiosk management and user-guide optimization, check out the Use Case ‘Text messaging for customer requests’. Or if you’d like to chat more to us, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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