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Find out how FICO deployed SMS authentication to fight customer fraud in our finance case study.

FICO: Money talks

Using SMS authentication for customer protection.

If your bank thinks someone’s using your card fraudulently, you want to know right away. And you want to fix the problem quickly. But, on the other hand, you don’t want your card declined when you’re using it, legitimately, abroad.

In both cases, emails and call centers just don’t cut it. They’re too slow and unresponsive when you have an urgent need.



That’s why FICO, the business that helps banks and financial service providers authenticate customer identities in over 90 countries, turned to A2P SMS to make these interactions quick, convenient and empathetic.

Download this case study to find out how:

  • FICO used SMS messaging to make banking much less intrusive and much more convenient for customers;
  • The company’s clients were able to resolve issues in half the time, reducing the number of fraudulent transactions and cutting net losses;
  • And customer satisfaction rates soared since the change to SMS – and average net promoter score rise of 20%.


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