The stats about Chatbots

Why the financial services, retail, travel and hospitality industries need to say "Hello" with a little (chatbot) friend.

If you’re not already using SMS chatbots, you’re already missing the mark. A new study that polled over 1,500 mobile users in both the US and UK confirms the massive missed opportunity this customer engagement technology offers.

Despite the majority of respondents noting that they would find the ability to text with their preferred businesses “very useful,” the reality is that businesses have not yet taken note of this demand. And as shown in our infographic, the industries missing out most on prime engagement points are financial services, retail, travel and hospitality.

Not convinced about how great a chatbot can be? If you’re in the US and would like to try out a chatbot interaction, text interact to 10991 for a quick demo we’ve whipped up.

SMS Chatbot Infographic


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