Two-way customer service case | Fortune 100 retailer

Learn how one of the biggest brands in the world solved a CX problem with SMS.

The quick and easy fix
How two-way texting solved a retailer’s customer service lag

It’s almost unimaginable to think of a world without mobile devices—they’re now intrinsic to how we communicate, entertain ourselves, and document our lives (or for some Instagrammers, our meals).

So when our devices go wrong, it’s not just annoying: it’s earth-shattering.

That presented a problem for this fortune 100 retailer. They are considered customer experience experts when it comes to mobile phones and tablets, yet customers were still frustrated about the amount of time it took to solve technical problems.


The retailer came to OpenMarket, and between us we designed a workflow in our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) that integrated mobile messaging seamlessly into their brand experience. Now the majority of customers have their issue resolved quickly using diagnostics delivered via SMS.

It’s been a massive success because the brand understands Empathetic Interactions—and knew that customers wanted a quick, simple way to fix their device without having to wait on hold to speak to technical support or travel into a store.

Find more out about:

  • How mobile messaging unites with their customer support to deliver diagnostics
  • Why the initiative was a success on multiple levels
  • How a single use case in MEP led to many other business units turning to SMS to deliver Empathetic Interactions

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