A golden opportunity to interact | Club Mahindra

How intelligent Mobile Engagement helped Club Mahindra seize the moment with 200,000+ members.

Club Mahindra runs 40-plus luxury resorts across India and the world. And they desperately wanted to hear from their customers to find out how they could make their dream vacations even more dreamy.

But email feedback forms just weren’t doing the job. They needed to get in touch with people right after their vacations – when they’re in the mood to talk – not once they’re back home and at work.


Read the case study to find out how a simple A2P SMS feedback system let them do just that.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the old way of doing things (email forms) meant customers weren’t being heard;
  • How we worked with Club Mahindra to design an SMS workflow that sends a feedback-request text to members 30 minutes after their checkout;
  • How they customized that workflow with the simple drag-and-drop interface to get exactly the feedback they wanted;
  • And how customer engagement rates improved by over 140%.


Download the case study 

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