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Learn how Amdocs-India manages IT downtime with SMS alerts, reducing confusion, stress and wasted time.

Amdocs-India: Avoiding downtime disaster
How Amdocs-India keeps employees in the loop

IT downtime is bad news—it’s stressful and requires your IT team’s full attention. And the last thing your team needs on top of an outage is their phone lines flooded with calls from frustrated employees wanting to find out what is happening, and when it will be solved. Amdocs-India was keen to change things up—especially as, if there was a complete network failure, employees became unreachable via their IP-based desk phones or their emails.


Using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP), Amdocs-India designed an alert service that could provide clear, up-to-the-second information about servers and networks to anyone affected by them.

We call it the Empathetic Interaction—anticipating what your employees want to know and when they’ll need to know it.

Download this case study to find out how Amdocs-India solved their communications using a text messaging solution that is:

  • Cloud-based—so not hit by their own outages
  • Simple to trigger via SMS—so no Internet connection required
  • Able to alert only impacted employees


Download the intel

The ability to reach employees immediately on their mobile devices has definitely solved the problems we were having. Now if we experience a system of network outage, employees are kept informed even if their desktop workstations are affected by the outage

Tushar Dingale, Network Outage Center Manager Amdocs-India

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