Creating a two-factor authentication solution

Creating a 2FA solution? With MEP it might be a lot simpler than you'd think.

Two-factor authentication helps add a significant additional layer of security to processes and transactions that employees and customers perform often, such as resetting account credentials.

So you’re probably keen to get started with a 2FA solution — but wondering whether it’ll be months or even years before your tech is integrated with a vendor’s tech, and you’ve rolled out the solution to every user.

Well, the real story with MEP and OpenMarket is a lot shorter — it takes mere moments to set up the workflow in MEP. Which means all you need to do is sign-up with OpenMarket, hook up your CRM system (so that it tells us when to send a text), and check that your customers and employees have mobile phones you can message (ahhh, yup!).

So no costly key fobs or voice calls, a quick integration turnaround, and ubiquitous reach.

Check how it all works inside MEP in this video.

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