When real-time communication matters

Fraud prevention with empathy? That's what SMS helps deliver.

Ever had your bankcard declined for no obvious reason? Or had an unknown (and large!) transaction appear on your account? Then you’ll have felt that strange mix of fear and frustration that leaps to your throat in those moments. And those moments may push your customers to another provider — so that’s why you need to think empathetically.

Empathy means contacting your customers quickly, allowing legitimate transactions through ASAP, and changing those negative feelings, now. And that’s why SMS is at the heart of empathetic interactions in the banking and financial sectors — it delivers at speed, straight to your customers’ hands. Allowing you to rather gracefully tread the fine line between safe-guarding your customers’ money and allowing them easy access.

So check out our infographic to see how SMS can add empathy into the customer journey.

Real-time Communications Infographic

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