On alert

Connecting with customers at the right time.

When it comes to communication, a lot of enterprises have got it the wrong way around. Normal practice is often forcing a customer to track down dates, times, order numbers, and other details they’ll need when interacting with you next.

But if you’re in the business of providing great customer experience, surely it has to be the other way around. You need to think of those moments they’ll need a piece of information, and send it to them at the right time.

We call it the Empathetic Interaction—anticipating what your customers want to know and when they’ll need to know it. And SMS is the number one way to reach your customers immediately and conveniently with these sorts of alerts and notifications.

Read this use case to find out:

  • Why alerts delivered by SMS are better for them and better for you
  • How alerts can add value that turns your CX from good to great
  • Why you’ll find our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) at the heart of Empathetic Interactions

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