SMS alerts case | Fortune 100 retailer & management consultancy

How two companies with very different needs found SMS messaging was the only channel that could help.

Alert to their needs
How two companies use SMS to deliver instant information

Maybe you’re a retailer who needs their customers to be at home for deliveries. Or a global firm that is concerned about their employees in life-threatening situations. These might seem like totally different problems to solve. But they actually share one important communication similarity—being in touch with people at the right time, with important information, and at scale.

Send an email and it’s missed. Call and it’s ignored or worse—impossible to scale at critical times.

On the other hand, SMS is the perfect channel—time-sensitive, scalable, reliable, and automated.


SMS alerts and our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) came to the rescue. Learn how these two enterprises mastered SMS notifications in our case study:

  • A Fortune 100 retailer sent time-critical SMS on shipping status to tackle annoying missed deliveries
  • A global consultancy protected staff in hazardous locations with a two-way text alerting system

If you’ve got vital, time-sensitive messages that you need to communicate quickly, reliably and at scale, SMS is the channel you need. So you’re not just communicating; you’re delivering Empathetic Interactions.

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