How email and voice are wrecking
your customer experience


Every company still in business says 
they recognize the importance of
customer experience. Every one.

So, as customers, we have to ask ourselves:
why are so many companies so bad at it?

There are probably a hundred reasons why
the average customer experience across
all markets is so disappointing.
But we think there's a huge, obvious
one that's overlooked by all but the
most progressive customer heroes.

Here it is:
The ways we get in touch with customers
when we need to get in touch are hopeless.

Totally unsuited to the task.

about it.

You interact with customers in many
places – but when you need to reach
out to them, as individuals, you've got two
really bad options (and one good one):
Email. Voice call. SMS message.

We're here to show you why the first two
channels are terrible for timely, reliable,
high-value communications that
customers love.

And why the third – specifically automated
text messages – is so powerful.
Let's do this thing...

First , an obvious truth that no one seems
to want to say out loud:

emails aren't  
what they
used to be.

and they don't cut through all the communication noise (They're deleted without a second thought – or they sit
un-opened for months).

Second, voice calls tend to be infuriating.

Premium rate numbers, holding the line
for hours, being passed around customer
service teams. Hate, hate, hate.

So what's left?
SMS messaging is a
great option, because:

Everyone responds to it.
Every age group, all the time,
everywhere. Often within seconds.

When that message
notification goes off –
buzz! – humans seem
to have a Pavlovian
need to check it out.

Look at the numbers:
of people on the planet
use SMS messaging
(that's 6 billion people)

Look at the numbers:
of all SMS messages
get opened (compared
to 20% for email)

Look at the numbers:
get opened in the
first three minutes

If email and voice are the only ways
you connect with your customers...
you're bringing a desktop
to a smartphone fight.

And that means you're missing billions
of opportunities to surprise and impress
your customers.

You're missing the power of
The Empathetic Interaction.

The personal, time-critical, high-priority
moments when your customers need you to

Be there
Be useful
Be responsive

In real time. Like, now.

SMS messages are
perfect if you want
your customer to:

Know something –
Like their reservation number or flight gate

Decide something –
Like the date for
their delivery

Remember something –
Like the time of their appointment

Do something –
Like rate their service experience

In all those situations, emails and call
centers are simply no good .

Emails are useless for time-sensitive interactions because everyone ignores them.

(Some enterprises actually use text messages to prompt their customers to read critical emails!)

And voice calls are disruptive, frustrating,
time-sapping irritations
your customers
are desperate to avoid.

of consumers want to resolve queries
without ever talking to anyone

Here's why call centers are bad for you, too...

Even the most basic call center is hugely expensive to run. And getting good staff who won't annoy the hell out of your customers is difficult and costly.

Free up your call center superstars to do the really complex customer service stuff by eliminating the run-of-the-mill responses that can be dealt with by automated SMS messaging.

Let's go back
to where
we started:

You value great customer experiences.


But voice and email are terrible ways to show it.

It's time to start connecting with your
customers how and when it suits them
(instead of just how you've always done it).

Otherwise, they're going to
think that you just don't care.
Which would be a shame...

Because we know you do care.

Ready to create insanely great, intuitive,
automated, in-the-moment Empathetic
Interactions with your customers
at massive scale?

Let's talk.

SMS notifications for customer communication

The ways we get in touch with customers when we need to get in touch are hopeless. People are avoiding business to business notifications (spam has ruined the party) and voice calls tend to be infuriating.

But SMS notifications are better options for customer communication. Why?

  • 84% of people on the planet use SMS messaging
  • 98% of all SMS messages get opened
  • And they open messages in the right place at the right time
  • So if email and voice are the only ways you connect with your customers – you’re bringing a desktop to a smartphone fight.
  • Find out how to get the tools you need.

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