A little empathy goes a long way to satisfy customers

OpenMarket – July 9, 2018

Technology has transformed customer expectations forever. But you don’t need big tech or big budgets to meet soaring standards – just a different way of thinking.   

Ten years ago, the typical customer experience was very different to that of today. It was an age of queues, delays, limited choice, and unmet expectations. Then along came Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb and the other “old-school” disruptors, setting a whole new CX standard. Now hundreds of customer-first disruptors are following in their footsteps, quickly building loyal audiences and transforming industries — from banking, to fitness, to farming.

As consumers, we’ve become so used to the high standards being set we won’t settle for anything less. And this drives the CX standards of businesses ever higher. After all, there’s nothing easier than downloading another app that does the trick.


So how can brands compete?

The good news is that you don’t need to be a tech disruptor to nail customer experience. You just need to think a bit differently.

A bit more empathetically.

The key is putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and anticipating their needs. With a little imagination and thoughtfulness, you can deliver what we call empathetic interactions.

These are timely, personalized interactions that show your customers you’ve actually thought about them.

Delivered at the right time and the right place, they’ll turn a basic customer experience into an exceptional one.

The smartest brands capitalize on these moments all the time. For example, UK company Virgin Trains tells customers which platform their train is leaving from – before the station does. This helps them avoid queues and find their seats ahead of time.

This may be a small gesture but it’s a meaningful one. It shows that Virgin Trains took the time to consider how they could make their customers’ lives easier. And that’s what sets them apart. Any business can offer a good customer experience, few can offer an exceptional one.  


Why empathy is good for business

Empathy engenders customer advocacy and repeat business. And 70% of consumers claim they’re more likely to be loyal to conscientious companies.

By prioritizing your customers’ needs, you can increase their lifetime value, and your own reputation.

It’s a virtuous cycle. And you don’t need ‘hi-tech’ to do it. A simple text message can help you reach the right people at the right time.

By delivering thoughtful and empathetic interactions, brands can win on customer experience and stand out in a saturated market.

Empathy sorts the wheat from the chaff. It’s what attracts new customers and keeps old ones.

And that’s why every business needs it.

So how do you do it? We’ve put together a 2-pager on why empathy matters – and what you need to do to make it work for your business.

Or you can just get in touch with us.

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