Convenient security

Reducing risk with two-factor authentication.

Some of the biggest brands in the world—like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Adobe—have suffered high profile security breaches that led to the release of user passwords and other personal information to malicious hackers.

So right now the details of at least some of your customers and employees are being bought and shared by criminals looking to profit any which way they can. You’ve no-doubt published a security policy that advises your customers and employees to never reuse their password—but do you really believe that they’re all following your policies? How many do you think have just three or four passwords max that they rotate through?

That’s why continuing to rely one-factor authentication is a ticking time-bomb—you’ve got to move to two-factor authentication (2FA), now. So read this use case to find out:

  • What 2FA really means (knowledge, possession, inherence)
  • Where mobile messaging comes in
  • Why an SMS solution is one your users will actually appreciate

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