Mobile engagement platform connector

Quick, easy CRM integration with OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform - for MMS and SMS messaging campaigns that just work.

When customer experience is the big differentiator, the last thing you want is integration hassles that stop your MMS and SMS campaigns in their tracks.

You need a solution that gets your CRM data into your mobile messaging platform – fast.

Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) Connector makes it easy to integrate OpenMarket MEP with older CRM systems. And because it’s a simple web application, both your developers and your non-technical staff can use it.

Download the datasheet to find out how MEP Connector helps you:

  • Easily get data from your old-school CRM into OpenMarket’s MEP
  • Create SMS and MMS interactions that surprise and delight your customers
  • Keep costs low – with zero setup fees and a low monthly subscription


Download the datasheet