Flight check-in and preparation

Give customers a great pre-flight experience.

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Easy check-in

Give air travel passengers a branded, interactive pre-flight experience – without the need for an app download. Let them skip the check-in line and grab their boarding pass with just a few taps.

Seat selection and more

With rich messaging, your customers can easily manage everything before take-off. They can choose their seats and confirm other information like baggage and dietary requirements

Handy alerts

Rich messaging lets you send alerts and reminders with helpful features like live flight information, maps and traffic information for their journey to the airport. You can even invite passengers to select their meals and order drinks before they board.

Text them when check-in opens

Cut congestion at the airport by prompting passengers to check in straight from their messaging inbox. An intuitive, app-like interface makes it easy to download boarding passes and pre-select seats.

Share useful information

Take advantage of rich messaging features to share flight status updates, traffic advice, maps and airport layouts so they can find bag-drop stations and departure gates. You can also send videos with security and baggage advice.

Get started

Use your messaging platform to easily create a custom-made messaging workflow or choose from a library of ready-made workflows. When a passenger opts in during the booking process, you’re ready to schedule your first alert.

Mobile check-in is a near-universal option these days – almost 98% of air passengers carry at least one mobile device with them when they’re traveling.

An airline industry survey predicted that passengers’ use of in-person check-in desks would fall from 50% in 2018 to just 26% in 2020 – while the popularity of mobile check-in grows.

Your customers get a more convenient experience. Our research shows that 82% of consumers prefer to tap RCS action buttons instead of having to type keyword responses during a text interaction with businesses.

Cater to all devices

The right messaging solutions provider ensures your messages automatically roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Let them talk to someone

Rich messaging is designed for automated self-service experiences but remember to give your passengers the ability to speak with a real person if they need to.

A message from your airline reminding you to check in for a flight can now take advantage of rich media and interactivity to provide a full check-in experience, complete with boarding pass, visual flight updates, and terminal maps on demand, all directly within the messaging experience.

Amir Sarhangi Head of RCS at Google

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