Use rich messaging for interactive appointment scheduling

Make it easy to select, book and pay for appointments.

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Give them control

Send branded, rich messages with up-to-date calendar availability, so people can easily choose their slot. By automating this process, you can empower your customers and reduce the burden on your support staff.

Cut the risk of no-shows

With rich messaging you can take payment during the appointment-booking process. Once it’s confirmed, automated reminder messages will boost attendance rates and, where necessary, make rescheduling easy.

Deliver empathy at scale

Rich messaging gives you the experience of a mobile app (without the need for a download) and the reach of mobile messaging. So you can give your customers an easy, engaging experience at massive scale.

Share your calendar

Rich messaging gives you flexible, engaging ways to offer appointments. One of the best ways is to share an interactive calendar with up-to-date availability and clickable time slots.

Confirm and remind

Rich messaging supports payments, so your customers can complete the booking process without leaving the message thread. Then you can keep in touch with automated reminders as the appointment approaches.

Make re-scheduling just as easy

Prompted by your reminders, a customer might realize they can no longer make their appointment. Rich messaging makes it easy for them to let you know and select a new calendar slot.

Follow up

After a successful appointment, start planning for the next one. Give customers the chance to book a repeat appointment or select another slot from the calendar. It’s also a good idea to ask for quick, one-tap feedback on their experience.

Smart scheduling (and rescheduling) can help you reduce the cost of missed appointments – which can be high. In Britain, missed appointments cost the NHS £216 million a year. Save money and effort with rich messaging.

Improve customer experience ­– our research found that 87% of consumers think mobile messaging is useful for scheduling or appointment setting.

Customers enjoy the rich messaging experience: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

Reach everyone

The right messaging solutions provider ensures your messages automatically roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Put a poliy in place

It might be useful for your organization to have a cancellation policy in place that is clearly communicated to clients when they make an initial booking and confirmed by mobile message prior to their appointment.

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