How rich messaging improves the insurance claims process

Make claims more convenient and transparent.

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Make claims simple

If your claims process is complex and opaque, customers are likely to make mistakes, call you for help, or give up entirely – losing trust in you along the way. Rich messaging gives them an intuitive, engaging experience they can manage without the need for an app download.

Share images and videos

The great thing about rich messaging is the ability to share multimedia files like images and videos. Policyholders can capture and send proof of damages immediately after an incident – for faster, easier sharing than email.

Cater to all devices

Rich messaging delivers app-like experiences to a customer’s messaging inbox. But the right mobile messaging solutions provider ensures messages roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Automate claims

Claims adjusters and support agents are busy people. With rich messaging, you can free them up by creating a claims workflow that automates the process as much as possible. Action buttons and other intuitive features make it easy for your customers to tap their way through the journey.

Give clear guidance

Rich messaging helps you simplify what was once a long, complex process – but you still need to give clear prompts and guidance. Action buttons help here, as do list pickers, which minimize the potential for human error. Share rich links and walk-through videos if customers need extra help.

Go multimedia

One of the biggest benefits of rich messaging for insurers is the ability to easily share multimedia files. If a policyholder is in a car accident or a flood, they can share pictures or videos of their damaged property to speed up the claims process.

Get started

Create a custom messaging workflow or pick from a library of ready-made workflows on your messaging platform, so you’re ready when your customers need you.

Improve engagement rates dramatically. Insurance-related emails see open rates of less than 12% and, of those, only 6% get a click. Compare that with the 98% of mobile messages that are read – 90% of them within three minutes.

Rich messaging helps you improve accuracy in the claims process and cut errors that cost time and money.

By automating much of the claims process, you free up your claims adjusters and support agents’ time, so they can focus on higher-value tasks and intervene when a human touch is needed.

Customers enjoy the rich messaging experience: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer rich messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

Rich, branded messaging wins trust: 79% of people said they’d feel safer interacting with a business that had company branding in its texts and as its sender ID.

Reach everyone

The right messaging solutions provider ensures your messages automatically roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Go global

Your customers could be anywhere in the world, especially if you deal in travel insurance. Your messaging partner should have a global presence to ensure your customers can reach you when they need to, wherever they are.

Out goes infrequent engagement; in comes perpetual engagement that gives customers insights, tools, and frames of reference. Out goes complex, opaque claims response and fulfillment; in comes rapid and informed response and fulfillment to turn collective risk management into customer affinity. This is the new bar. If you can’t clear it, other firms will.

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