How to use rich messaging for product customization

Give your customers the power to customize and personalize a purchase on their phone.

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Interactive product customization

Rich messaging gives your customers an app-like experience (without downloading an app) so they can customize their order with just a few screen taps.

A personal experience

Depending on what kind of rich messaging you use (RCS on Android or Apple Business Chat on iOS), you can take advantage of different features. You might offer action buttons or list pickers so customers can choose the size, color and material of an item, or add a personal message to a gift.

Universal reach

Not all your customers’ phones will be compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. So you need to make sure you can reach them with a format that suits their device. The right messaging solutions provider will ensure an SMS is delivered for non-compatible phones.

Get started

Think about the customization options you can offer your customers. If you sell clothing, you might offer action buttons for item color, size and add-ons like accessories. More complex products might have many more customization options. The key is not to overwhelm the customer with too many steps.

Multiple choice and freeform

Some customization options will require a simple tap for ‘Yes’. Some will offer a limited number of options to choose from, like size or color. For some products, you might want to invite the customer to input their own message – like a nickname on the back of a sport shirt, a message on a cake, or an engraving on a trophy or piece of jewelry.

Complete the order

Rich messaging gives your customers the ability to complete a purchase right there in the message thread – if you use Apply Pay in Apple Business Chat for example. Otherwise you can direct them to your payment portal via a web link.

Invite feedback

Rich messaging makes customer feedback as simple as a quick tap to give a 5 star-rating. Ask for feedback immediately after the customer interaction so you’re more likely to get a response. This gives you an opportunity to resolve any issues before they become public complaints.

An engaging interaction: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

Next-level retail experiences: 88% of retail brands believe that rich messaging will take their business messaging to the next level.

Earn their trust

Your customers need to feel confident when they’re placing an order. So you should choose a messaging platform that prioritizes security and enables rich, branded messaging – which is extremely hard for fraudsters to exploit.

Go global

Your customers are everywhere, so make sure your provider can match them with a truly global footprint – in hundreds of countries, not just a few. And take advantage of multichannel message orchestration so you reach everyone on the best format their handset can handle.

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