How to use rich messaging to promote your products

Showcase your products with engaging, interactive mobile messaging

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Show off your stock

When you have new products in stock or you’re running a promotion, use video-rich, branded interactive messaging to get the word out. Include images, buttons, carousels and videos, along with purchase calls-to-action.

Make it interactive

Rich messaging gives you different ways to spark engagement. You could offer one-click location sharing for local promotions, send easy-to-complete customer surveys, or let shoppers customize products with ‘picker’ functionality.

Expand your reach

Rich messaging gives shoppers the experience of a mobile app without having to download one. And it gives you the unparalleled reach of mobile messaging. So you can create engaging, empathetic marketing moments at scale.

Get opt in

Invite shoppers to opt in to receive your product showcases when they purchase similar items online or in-store. And look for other ways to advertise – via email, social media and contests.

Segment and personalize

Share videos, images and interactive content so shoppers can explore your products – and think about tailoring your messages to improve your chances of conversion. Use your messaging platform to segment your audience and personalize message content based on shopper preference and behavior data.

Keep the experience going

\With built-in payment features, rich messaging lets shoppers complete their purchase right there in the thread. You could also show them your products’ availability locally and let them book an in-store appointment.

Ask for feedback

This is a great opportunity for you to ask for quick, one-tap customer feedback ­­– not just on their rich messaging experience but on the products themselves, so you can work that feedback into your next product development cycle.

Mobile messaging is a highly effective retail marketing channel. In 2019, Black Friday SMS campaigns had a 592% higher order rate than email campaigns.

Customers enjoy the rich messaging experience: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

Prioritize security

When you’re handling personal data and processing payments, security will be a big priority for your customers. Choose a messaging partner – and platform – that gives you the power to create engaging campaigns that are secure and compliant.

Guarantee delivery

The richer the messaging, the richer the product showcase you can create. But make sure your messaging workflow can roll back to SMS when your customers phones aren’t enabled for either RCS or Apple Business Chat.

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