Rich messaging for hotel check-in and check-out

Let guests manage everything on their phone.

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Smooth check-in

Let your guests start the check-in process before they reach your hotel, so there’s no hanging around and your desk staff don’t get overwhelmed at peak times. Then at the end of their stay, guests can check out with the same easy process.

Upgrades and extras

When you message your guests for check-in, it’s the perfect time to offer room upgrades or extras like gym and spa access or dinner reservations. Images and videos will help to showcase your facilities and tap-to-book buttons give an app-like experience.

Global reach

Rich messaging reaches your guests when they’re on the move, but it pays to have a fall-back. If guests don’t have a smartphone, or they’re out of WiFi and data range, your messaging workflow can roll back to SMS to ensure maximum reach.

Text them before they arrive

Remind your guests about their booking details before inviting them to confirm and check in using action buttons. This gives them the chance to upgrade their booking or alter any details.

Anticipate their needs

As part of the check-in process, rich messaging is the perfect channel for sharing messages that answer common guest questions – about their room number, the WiFi code, menus and service hours, spa opening times, and so on.

Show them what’s on offer

Rich messaging is a great way to show off your facilities, whether it’s spa and leisure equipment or your bars and restaurants, as well as local attractions and tours. With action buttons and time-slot pickers, they can book extra experiences with just a few taps.

Get started

On your messaging platform, create a custom-made workflow for your guests or choose from a library of ready-made messaging workflows. Schedule alerts not just in advance of their arrival and at the end, but throughout their stay, when they might be interested in extra offers or local tips.

Mobile messaging offers you the best chance to connect with guests on the move, whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure: almost 98% of air passengers carry at least one mobile device with them.

Research shows that people prefer rich messaging: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

More than 90% of travellers from the US and UK said that responding to hotel companies via text message would either be useful.

Cater to all devices

The right messaging solutions provider ensures your messages automatically roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Don’t lose the human touch

Rich messaging offers a more interactive channel for automated communications. Use it if you’re confident you can offer as good a service or better than in-person ­– and give guests the opportunity to speak to a human if they need to.

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