Deliver instant customer support with AI chatbots

Your customers want round-the-clock support and instant answers. With a virtual assistant you can give users what they want while also cutting costs.

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Boost customer satisfaction

Customers expect rapid 24/7 support, via their channel of choice. An AI chatbot that responds instantly and answers their pressing questions can improve speed, availability and satisfaction.

Cut support costs

Customer support can be a real drain on resources. Particularly when customers continually ask the same questions. A virtual assistant lightens the load on your customer support agents and significantly reduces costs.

Improve sales results

A true virtual assistant can have real conversations and complete entire transactions. It can upsell and cross sell as well as solving problems, improving your sales results and growing revenue.

Choose your chatbot

Different chatbots meet different needs. A keyword-based chatbot can perform simple tasks such as providing opening hours or giving an account balance. An intent-based chatbot can deliver a full conversational experience.

Build a conversation flow

Building a chatbot is far simpler than it sounds. With drag and drop functionality in Infobip’s Answers platform, you can use text boxes and images to build the conversation flow that works for your business.

Deploy across channels

Make life simple for your customers by bringing your chatbot to the channels they already know and trust. These might include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, live chat or Google Business Messages.

Optimize the experience

You can easily analyze interactions with your chatbot and understand the conversational flow, including the outcomes. Then you can use this insight to improve the user experience and get the best possible results.

Happy customers

Introducing a chatbot to automate customer support and deliver instant answers will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction scores.

Contact center performance

Using chatbots to support your contact center will also improve metrics such as average hold or wait time, response time and time to resolution.

Identify common queries

Think about the queries and actions your chatbot can effectively cover. Talk to your customer support team to identify common queries and high-volume customer intents for specific topics.

Train the intent engine

Moving beyond simple keyword-based chatbots, an AI-powered intent-based agent answers more in-depth questions. You can enable natural language processing (NLP) and add training phrases to allow conversational support.

Authenticate users

Verifying user identity is vital when automating customer support services. You can use advanced authentication methods such as biometrics or silent mobile verification to secure interactions without disrupting the customer experience.

Keep the human touch

Some queries will inevitably need human support. Make sure a live agent can seamlessly take over the conversation in real-time where necessary, with access to the entire chat history to provide context.

Nissan’s chatbot delivers always-on support

Find out how Nissan Saudi Arabia increased availability, responsiveness and customer satisfaction using an AI-based chatbot on a WhatsApp for Business channel. It also increased leads 138%!

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