Safeguard your customers with mobile identity

Digital fraud must be tackled. But not at the expense of customer experience. Protect customers throughout their interactions with you – using mobile identity.

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Build customer trust

Your customers want to know they are in safe hands. Using the latest mobile identity solutions helps you build a reputation as a responsible and trustworthy business that takes its customers’ security seriously.

Deliver seamless CX

Whether your customers are signing up for a service or making a purchase, any disruption can make them think twice. Quick and easy verification removes friction from the process and streamlines the user experience.

Avoid fraudulent activity

By validating the customer’s identity at each interaction, you can avoid increasingly common instances of online fraud. These include account takeovers, SIM swaps, phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Employ user authentication

You can use various authentication services to verify user identities quickly and securely. Possible methods include two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time pins (OTP), facial recognition and other forms of biometrics.

Try silent verification

Silent mobile verification is a technique that checks phone number possession using mobile network operator data. It happens in the background without disrupting the user experience and takes just five seconds.

Check for SIM swaps

SIM swap fraud is used to take over user identities. Mobile identity technology can prevent this by checking the IMSI number connected to the SIM card to see if it has been swapped recently, and exactly when this happened.

Offer number masking

Displaying a customer’s number when they make a call can give rise to various safety challenges. Number masking for call anonymization means customers are more comfortable making calls on their mobile phones.

Stronger relationships

The results you achieve with mobile identity depend on the techniques you use. But an increase in user trust always translates to better customer relationships and a strong reputation that makes your business more competitive.

Higher conversions

By introducing silent mobile verification you can reduce authentication time from a minute to just a few seconds. Removing friction from customer interactions means faster sign ups, increased app downloads and lower cart-abandonment rates.

Layer multiple techniques

Try combining complementary forms of authentication for maximum user protection. While silent mobile verification is ideal to minimize disruption, 2FA is a more visible technique that reassures customers they are protected

Comply with regulations

Data protection rules are tightening across the world so mobile identity checks must comply with changing regulations. Infobip’s solutions comply with global regulations such as PSD2 SCA, GDPR, and the CCPA, as well as ISO27001.

Safeguard all touchpoints

Verification needs to take place at a variety of points along the customer journey. An ecommerce platform, for instance, may need to authenticate user identity at the sign up, log in and purchase stages.

Apply sector specific solutions

Your priorities will depend on your sector. A financial services provider could focus on verifying identity at the point of transaction, while a ride sharing company might prioritise number masking to protect customers and drivers.

Uber anonymizes 90% of calls across the globe

Check out how Uber addresses the safety concerns of both riders and drivers with number masking. It also enables quick and secure app adoption with OTP.

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