How to use SMS for customer service

Your customers need answers. And you need a more scalable way to give them those answers. That’s where SMS customer service comes in.

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Fewer customer calls

Customer service departments in large enterprises often manage billions of customer interactions a year – from customer onboarding, to fulfillment, to ongoing account management. All these steps can be handled by an automated SMS system.

Enjoy empathetic interactions

67% of consumers find it less stressful to deal with brands via messaging than by phone, and 60% find it less stressful than email. SMS messaging is a smooth, frictionless way to connect with your customers – no app downloads required.

Cut-through and ROI

An impressive 98% of SMS messages are opened – the majority within seconds. It also helps that SMS customer support is a lot cheaper than support over phone calls or email. You’re saving money, and your customers are more likely to engage with you.

Improve CX workflows and reduce costs

Create automated workflows that trigger text messages at crucial moments in the customer journey. This will help you streamline customer service operations and make life easier for customers.

Roll out messaging use cases

If you dovetail an intelligent, automated text messaging system with your other communication channels and existing systems, you’ll be able to optimize communications for a whole range of customer-centric processes that demand in-the-moment engagement.

Automated or not

Business SMS is usually automated, but conversation flows can be designed so real, live agents can take over the text-based conversations.

Slash the cost of each interaction

In our experience, the average enterprise that rolls out mobile messaging to handle customer service tasks, reduces the amount of calls it takes by 10-20%. The average cost of managing a call is $6 to $8 – compared with a few cents for a text. Check out our calculator to see how much you could save.

Significant ROI

A well-known British media company we work with turned to text messaging for a few customer operations interactions in 2014. Now it has over 70 use cases across many departments. And it’s doing this while saving millions of pounds a month.

Happy customers

Consumers see mobile messaging as quite or very useful for delivering notifications / critical information in real-time (88%), scheduling or appointment setting (87%), billing and payments (83%), authentication, security and passwords (83%) and customer service and support (80%). Read our customer experience research to find out more.

Immediate satisfaction

According to Hubspot, 90% of customers expect an immediate response from support teams, 60% of whom define “immediate” as less than 10 minutes. 98% of SMS messages are opened – the vast majority in seconds

Empathy benefits

70% of consumers consider SMS an empathetic channel. Customers receiving an empathetic experience are more likely to: Continue using you over others (90%); Recommend you (90%). Spend more money with you (86%); Trust you (88%). Read to our research to find out more.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

Defining an enterprise-wide, mobile messaging strategy starts with imagining the problems your customers might have. The next step is to consider whether messaging can solve these problems. Then you and your messaging partner can plan a workflow.

Choose the right partner

With the help of the right partner, integrating an intelligent A2P text messaging system into a communication stack is straightforward. The right partner should also take care of the many regulatory challenges associated with sending texts internationally.


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Using OpenMarket’s SMS service gives us a direct line into knowing exactly what our guests want and need, even before they reach our hotel. We’re able to quickly gain insights into what pre-check-in information is most valuable, as well as important feedback on our overall guest experience. We’re excited to explore more opportunities in the future with OpenMarket and how SMS can enrich our entire customer journey.

Nikhil Sharma, COO Ginger Hotels

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