SMS for symptom monitoring

How mobile messaging helps patients track symptoms at home.

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Track and contain infections

The self-monitoring and tracking of symptoms is a critical healthcare capability in the face of infectious diseases and pandemics – especially when social distancing and lockdowns are in place.

Engage with self-isolating patients

Automated mobile messaging makes remote monitoring possible and gives medical and research professionals a direct channel to self-isolating patients. This helps to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of symptom tracking and testing.

Containment starts with knowledge

By compiling a database of symptoms monitored and reported by individuals via SMS, healthcare authorities get the information they need to track, contain, treat and eliminate infectious illnesses more effectively.

Send automated texts

Depending on the illness or situation, SMS can help you: deliver test instructions, gather data on symptoms and their severity, request temperature readings, and offer reminders to take medication.

Spread the word

In the case of infectious illnesses, it’s important to track down people who have had contact with potential carriers. Mobile messaging can be used to gather this information and attempt to contact those people for self-monitoring.

Learn, respond and contain

As you gather data on the type, severity, progression and spread of symptoms, you can adapt your messaging campaigns. Whether it’s for research or treatment purposes, this intelligence will help inform your next move.

Get started

A smart messaging platform gives you access to a library of ready-made SMS campaigns and the ability to easily create your own. A good SMS API helps you link up your systems too. Then you’re ready to get opt-in from patients.

Clear SMS instructions can improve the accuracy of symptom tracking and testing. As one testing manager in the UK said: “However simple the test is, people will find ways of doing it wrong.”

98% of mobile messages are read, 90% of them within three minutes. Those engagement rates, as well as the accessibility of SMS messaging, make it the most effective channel for remote self-monitoring.

Accurate information about the spread and development of symptoms can aid the understanding, containment and treatment of infectious illnesses – without risking close contact with patients.

Respect confidentiality

Mobile messaging campaigns must always treat personal and sensitive data with respect and comply with regulations. Reassure recipients and make your policies clear.

Think about language and tone

Most people have no experience of symptom monitoring or testing, so the potential for error is always present. The instructions in your messages must be clear, concise and unambiguous to ensure the data gathered is accurate and usable.

Reach everyone you need to

Depending on the scope of your research or treatment program, you might have individuals self-monitoring in multiple countries, on a range of devices and networks. Make sure you reach everyone with the help of a messaging solutions provider with global range.

Text message-based COVID-19 symptom monitoring extends the reach of our frontline health care workers – enabling us to monitor patients effectively and efficiently – while keeping patients safely at home.

Eric Wei, MD, MBA Chief Quality Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals Vice President

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