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High engagement and reach

SMS messages reach almost every adult in the world, and have an open rate of 98%. This compares with a 20% open rate for emails, and 3% for push notifications from mobile apps.

Be where they are

SMS gives you the chance to send deals, specials and coupons right before a purchasing decision – for example, at lunchtime, after check-in, on a commute or during the Super Bowl.

Easy to opt-in

Opt-in to an SMS campaign by a consumer takes two steps: send a keyword like “join” to your brand’s short code number, then reply “Y” to the response message. Simple.

Permission-based marketing

Strict legislative restrictions and carrier regulations keep mobile messaging a spam-free channel. This means there is little noise for you to cut through. But you must follow the rules yourself. You can only send messages to someone who has given you permission to do so.

Follow local rules

There are often restrictions on the time that a message can go out, and what needs to be added to the content, such as unsubscribe links in the EU.

Build your audience

You can use adverts, emails, contest entries, point-of-purchase sign-up forms, social media posts to entice users to receive text messages containing special offers, new product updates, or other valuable information. All they need to do is text a keyword to a mobile number or a short code.

Short codes

Short codes are memorable 5 or 6-digit phone numbers specially designed for commercial messaging. You can send messages through them at a faster rate than via regular mobile phone numbers. To use a short code, you need prior approval from mobile operators. Your messaging provider should help with that.

Say it with pictures

Many brands now use images in their mobile messaging marketing efforts – with great success. MMS messages (a sister channel to SMS) also let you add audio clips, videos and GIFs to your messages. RCS messaging – which offers rich, app-like interactivity is also catching on – giving marketers even more interaction options.

Local knowledge

Running large, effective marketing and sales campaigns requires an established mobile messaging provider – one that can send the highest volumes of text and picture messages in the shortest period of time. The right provider should offer the flexibility you need to link your messaging to your CRM and other systems, automate the entire marketing process, and stay compliant.

Good open and response rates

-Various sources report SMS open rates of 98% and response rates of 45%.  This contrasts with 20% and 6% for email. Email is a noisy channel. SMS isn’t.

Strong conversion

29 percent of SMS marketing recipients click on links in SMS messages they receive, and 47 percent of those go on to make a purchase. That’s nearly 14 percent conversion!


More store visits

56% of consumers have visited a brick-and-mortar store after receiving an SMS offer when they were near the store.

Higher order rates

Black Friday SMS campaigns in 2019 had a 592% higher order rate than email campaigns.

Greater appeal to millennials

According to various studies, Millennials are far more likely to use mobile coupons than any other age group.

Deliver value

Once your users have expressed an interest in hearing from you, don’t abuse the privilege and risk opt outs. Provide them with an offer they can’t refuse or information that really matters.

Put privacy first

To avoid getting numbers blocked by mobile operators, marketers must follow consumer privacy best practices, including explicit opt-in procedures, easy access to program terms and conditions, and simple mechanisms to opt out.

Choose your times wisely

Tuesday and Wednesday are said to be the most effective times to deliver promotions and discount via SMS.

Measure what works

Analyse campaigns to optimise on the fly. Whether it’s rewording a message or targeting a different audience? A good mobile messaging provider should have a suite reporting tools to help.


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SMS remains an effective, yet under-utilized, mobile tactic among marketing leaders and is particularly valuable when used in conjunction with mobile techniques such as wallet, web and native applications to orchestrate a deepening level of customer engagement.

Charles Golvin, Research Director Gartner for Marketers

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