What are SMS bill reminders?

Minimize late payments and strengthen customer relationships

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Get paid on time

Everyone has their smartphone with them nearly all the time. SMS bill reminders will almost always get opened – within minutes. This means your company is more likely to get paid on time.

Reduce costs

Payment recovery costs are expenses you can live without. SMS is the best way to remind customers of commitments as it’s direct and unavoidable.

Build customer loyalty

People appreciate simple reminders and efficient communications that make their bust, media-saturated lives easier.

Schedule payment reminders

Connect your mobile messaging platform to your back-end systems and reminders will be triggered at precise times – for example two days before payment is due – without the need for manual intervention.

Be sure to follow up

No response? Follow bill reminders with texts that set out the next steps for late payments or no payments. Text a ‘thank you’ to customers who settle their accounts.

Enable immediate resolution

Include a link to your payment gateway to make it easy for customers to resolve outstanding payments. Then set their minds at rest with an SMS that confirms you’ve received their payment.


Bill reminders can only be sent when consumers have opted in to receive them.

Immediate responses

17% of customers respond to a text alert by resolving overdrawn accounts within an hour. 54% respond within a day. (FCA)

Stronger customer relationships.

83% of consumers say mobile messaging is a useful channel for billing and payments.

Test and revise

Don’t bombard customers with reminders. Test the most appropriate intervals, track when you get the most click throughs and optimize accordingly.

Be helpful

Leave helpful links when possible. For example: For example: ‘Hi, your payment to LoanaCari is due on Thursday. To view your account log in to loanacari.org/bill’.

Look for easy integration with your CRM

Make it easy for customer service staff to design, schedule and send alerts at scale. A user-friendly platform, portfolio of solutions and expert professional services help you do just that.

Prioritize reliability

Make sure customers receive your critical SMS alerts within seconds, in the right time zone. At OpenMarket, our systems are up and running 99.99% of the time – something few providers can match.

Avoid grey routes

Beware of significantly lower per-message prices. Carriers who offer these deals may be relying on grey routes that leave your messages vulnerable to delay, loss and interception.

Ensure the coverage you need

Choose an SMS provider with a trusted carrier network – one that knows local markets and can navigate carrier rules and regulations.


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