Use WhatsApp to convert customers and keep them happy

WhatsApp is one of your customers’ favorite channels. Connecting with them in a space where they’re extra receptive improves customer satisfaction and productivity too.

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Meet customers where they’re at

Two billion people across the world use WhatsApp, and two-thirds of WhatsApp users say it’s the easiest way to communicate with businesses. Boost customer satisfaction by talking to people on a channel they love.

Less cost, more availability

Harness the power of automation to reduce your operational costs. And at the same time increase your 24/7, always-on capacity with the help of WhatsApp chatbots.

Get more engagement

Send messages with rich media and interactive buttons to take the conversation to the next level. Drive engagement with WhatsApp using QR codes at entry points such as your website or app.

Select your solution

You can integrate our WhatsApp Business API into your existing system, or unlock customer engagement opportunities with Infobip Moments, Conversations, and Answers. Choose whatever works for you.

Go beyond messaging

Use the platform to offer new, convenient features. Give your customers the option of registering for accounts, easily purchasing products and services, tracking orders and more, all through WhatsApp.

Reimagine chatbot possibilities

Consider using WhatsApp chatbots in marketing and brand awareness campaigns to drive customer acquisition, not just retention. Or use them internally and with partners to share information and reduce operational costs.

Explore other chat apps

WhatsApp isn’t the only popular multimedia messaging platform. Tailor your communications strategy to cultures and communities across the world by talking to them on their favorite channels – from Viber to Facebook Messenger.

Bigger reach

Grow your customer base by leveraging WhatsApp as a marketing channel, and using it to reach customers with reduced access to SMS. Enjoy anywhere, anytime rich media communication with your audiences.

Better responses

64% of people prefer messaging to a call or email. The benefits of speaking to people on the channel they love are self-evident. Expect more interaction from your audiences as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Business performance

Clearing customer queries, more quickly, with less spend. That’s better service, with a lower price tag. And it’s what every business person with an eye on the margins, as well as customer service, wants to hear.

Show safety with verification

Give your customers the reassurance of a verification tick. With WhatsApp Business you can be a verified sender with a recognizable brand logo, letting customers know you are who you say you are.

Streamline customer service

Employ keyword and intent-based chatbots to reduce the load on your agents. WhatsApp chatbots give your customers the instant, always-on answers they want, freeing up your agents to tackle trickier queries.

Reach out at the right time

It’s not just the message that matters, it’s the moment too. Use WhatsApp to reach your customers with timely notifications and alerts so they don’t miss out on important information. Or feel bombarded by too many messages.

Give every conversation context

Managing all your communications channels – including WhatsApp – from a single platform keeps your messages relevant and engaging. And gives your agents all the context they need to offer each customer a quick, appropriate solution.

WhatsApp creates a sales surprise for Unilever

Learn how WhatsApp became a sales hero for Unilever in a marketing campaign crafted around chatbot interactions. It surprised the company with sales so high they had to bring in external partners to meet the surge in demand

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