Why use SMS collection alerts for package reminders?

SMS collection alerts let customers know as soon as their package has arrived and is ready for pick up.

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Increase delivery success

Getting a parcel to a customer without the expense of the last delivery mile saves you time and money. SMS notifications keep customers informed, in control and keen on collections – rather than waiting in for their deliveries.

Keep customers informed

SMS is the fastest, most reliable way to communicate with customers. Let them know exactly where and when their package will be available for collection so they don’t need to worry and can easily fit it into their day.

Mitigate delay and disruption

Minimizing disruption and missed deliveries is good for you and your customers. SMS notifications are instantly read – helping the process run smoothly and ensuring customers keep choosing the collection option.

Automated alerts keep customers in the loop

Hook it up to your CRM and delivery software to automate communications. Customers receive alerts at different points of the journey. Let them know what’s on the way, when it’s arriving, and how they can pick it up.

Two-way comms

Enable two-way texting so customers can make changes to delivery dates and locations. Follow up any changes with a text that confirms the new date or location.

PIN code ID

Customers can use the PIN code received via SMS and their phone number as identification. Instead they can give the PIN code and phone number to a trusted person.


Parcels are often held at pickup points for a week or so. Daily text reminders maximize the chance of the customer coming for their parcel – avoiding the cost of returning to sender, and helping the customer get their goods.

Slashed costs
The last delivery mile’s share in total parcel delivery cost often reaches or exceeds 50 per cent, according to McKinsey. SMS notifications can slash this cost by ensuring customers go for the collection option.

SMS enables click & collect
Nine in 10 retailers are planning to invest in click-and-collect services over the next five years, according to Barclaycard.

Increased sales

A third of retailers who offer click-and-collect have seen store sales increase as 68 per cent of shoppers are now choosing to pick up online orders in-store.

Growing trends

By 2025, 10% of all sales will be fulfilled by Click and Collect. In-store purchases will decline to 60%.

Leverage mobile

Using mobile messaging to automate as many stages of the delivery process as possible is the answer to growing delivery costs in countries with high labor costs.

Ensure personalization at scale

Choose a mobile shipping alert service that enables hassle-free personalization, automation and integrates easily with your external systems. The most successful brands have embraced mobile messaging for their collection and shipping communication.

Enable interactivity

Enable two-way texting enables customers to reschedule easily if timings or locations change.


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