OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series – Sam Gets a ‘Filthy’ Surprise

Jan 26, 2017

There’s more surprises from Gran in the final installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series.

This week Sam receives a loyalty reward via SMS. It’s for two tickets to see the little-known band ‘Parcel …

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OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series – Gran Grasps the Benefits of Mobile Shopping

Jan 12, 2017

Gran is full of surprises. In this latest installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series, Sam is impressed with Gran’s grasp of modern technology after she makes an online purchase entirely on her mobile phone.

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Which Mobile Messaging Channel is Best for Your Biz?

Dec 29, 2016

You know that your business needs to reach millennial customers via mobile devices, but there are so many different channels and mediums. How do you possibly choose the best one? Well, it all depends …

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SMS: Mobile Marketing is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Dec 15, 2016

If you believe the only use for SMS is mobile marketing, then we haven’t done a very good job of explaining the versatility of this powerful technology. It can be used at every level of …

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4 Ways Fintech is Using SMS

Dec 8, 2016

Text messaging is no longer something people just use to communicate personally and privately. More and more businesses are using it to reach their customers, including fintech companies. If you’re in the financial technology industry …

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