The Value of Connecting with Customers Via Global SMS

Jul 28, 2016

In a marketplace that’s dominated by mobile devices, it’s incredibly important for businesses to develop progressive marketing and engagement strategies that prioritize the technologies and mediums customers are accustomed to using.
In 2016, this …

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Here’s Why Millennials are Going Mad for Mobile Messaging

Jul 14, 2016

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rotary phone for the past decade, it should come as no surprise that people love mobile phones. More specifically, millennials have a love affair with their mobile devices …

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A Look at How Retailers are Using SMS to Alter the Path to Purchase

Jul 7, 2016

SMS started out as a two-way communication tool that allowed friends and family members to engage each other in timely and personal ways. However, fast forward a few decades and businesses are now using …

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Mobile App Saturation: What’s Next in Customer Engagement Trends

Jun 30, 2016

For the past few years, marketers have had to make key decisions in terms of how to engage mobile users. While there are dozens of very specific strategies, there have ultimately been two major choices: …

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The Blossoming Role of Mobile Messaging in the Insurance Industry

Jun 9, 2016

With so many devices, technologies, and forms of communication in the world, you would think getting in touch with clients and prospective clients would be easy. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced the reverse effect. The fragmented …

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