How to use rich messaging for payment authentication

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Video-rich, interactive, branded rich messaging gives you an easy, engaging, trustworthy way to verify suspicious payments with your customers wherever they are in the world.

Make it simple

Interactive features like action buttons make your customers’ lives easier. Instead of typing out a reply, they can simply tap to confirm or deny a payment.

Guarantee delivery

Rich messaging delivers app-like experiences to your customers’ smartphones – and a smart messaging workflow will roll back to SMS where necessary, to ensure your messages reach everyone in the right format.

Automate alerts

With the right messaging platform, you can use an API to integrate rich, branded two-way mobile messaging into your fraud alert process.

Reach them fast

When a suspicious transaction occurs, you can check in with your customer via an automated rich message. They can then confirm if the payment is legitimate or fraudulent with a quick tap.

Go multichannel

An important part of multichannel orchestration is the ability to sense what kind of device you’re delivering to and to roll back to SMS when rich messaging isn’t supported.

Follow up

If your mobile message doesn’t get a response, schedule a follow-up call within a set timeframe. 98% of mobile messages are read – most within seconds – so this isn’t likely to be a common occurrence.

A financial institution we worked with saw a 35% reduction in overall fraud losses after implementing mobile messaging checks.

80% of finance brands said rich mobile messaging is likely to take business messaging to the next level.

Customers enjoy the rich messaging experience: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

Rich, branded messaging wins trust: 79% of people said they’d feel safer interacting with a business that had company branding in its texts and as its sender ID.

Reach everyone

A smart messaging workflow lets you roll back to SMS when your customers don’t have phones compatible with RCS or Apple Business Chat. This means you can reach everyone with the richest available messaging format.

Stay compliant

Your messaging workflows must comply with industry and national data-security regulations. You should be able to trust that your messaging partner’s got your back.

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