Manage deliveries with rich messaging

Let your customers schedule, track and amend deliveries with just a few screen taps.

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Interactive delivery scheduling

Don’t let the delivery process drag your customer experience down. With branded, rich messaging, you can make it an easy, interactive experience. Start by inviting customers to tap on their preferred delivery slot in a live calendar.

Handy alerts and updates

Keep customers informed of their package’s progress with updated delivery time estimates and a real-time map. Share their driver’s details and a picture if possible. And if they need to reschedule or give special instructions, let them do it with a few simple taps.

Reliable reach

Rich messaging gives your customers all the features of an app without the need to download one. But if they don’t have a smartphone, don’t leave them in the dark. Make sure you can roll back to SMS when you need to, so no one misses a notification.

Get started

If your customer buys a product via rich messaging, you can help them manage the delivery process in the same message thread. If they buy online or in person, invite them to opt in to your rich messaging campaign.

Give them control

Kick off your rich messaging experience with an interactive calendar or a ‘picker’ feature that lets customers select their preferred delivery date and time slot. If they have special instructions like where to leave a package if they’re not home, give them action buttons or simple clicks for that, too.

Make the most of multimedia

Rich messaging is all about multimedia content – but it has to be useful. When a customer’s managing their delivery, share handy details like their driver’s name and picture. A real-time map and delivery countdown will also help them track their package’s progress.

Invite feedback

The easier it is to submit feedback, the more likely you are to receive it. Rich messaging makes it as simple as a quick tap to give a star-rating. Invite this feedback immediately after the delivery time, so you can anticipate any issues before they become public complaints.

Improve customer experience: 82% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer RCS messaging capabilities over traditional SMS interactions.

88% of retail brands believe that rich messaging will take their business messaging to the next level.

Our research has found that giving customers the chance to reschedule deliveries via mobile messaging can reduce missed deliveries by 15% to 35%.

Significant savings: when your customers and your delivery staff are in perfect sync, you can reduce your missed deliveries, wasted journeys and other expenses. Try our ROI calculator for SMS delivery notifications to see how much you could save.

Choose an integrated platform

You need your delivery messaging workflows to integrate with CRM data like sales and customer addresses. Make sure your provider makes this easy for everyone (not just your IT team) with API connectivity and drag-and-drop messaging workflows.

Open up two-way conversation

Rich messaging makes two-way interactions easy and rewarding. That’s critical for your customers when they’re waiting for their delivery. And it’s important afterwards  too – when they have valuable feedback to give you.

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