How to use SMS for travel alerts at scale

Keep passengers on top of changing circumstances with automated, massively scalable SMS travel alerts.

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Keep passengers in control
Share useful information at every stage of the journey – from booking to arrival. You can communicate gate changes, delays, diversions or cancellations in seconds.

Stay close, save costs
Deal with frustrations before they spill over into social media by reacting fast. Go the extra mile by alerting them about wait times and queues. SMS alerts can also reduce the number of customer queries coming through – cutting costs and freeing up agents’ time.

Connect globally
Customers don’t want to download an app with a travel provider they use from time to time. But almost everyone has a phone. And 98% of SMS messages are read – the vast majority in seconds. SMS also helps you stay in touch with customers across the world, even when there’s no wifi.

Get started

Obtain a traveller’s phone number during the booking process then encourage sign-up for SMS travel alerts. Post-booking, spark engagement by sending a welcome message explaining how SMS alerts can help them.

Send a friendly reminder

Get in touch 24-48 hours before their journey with need-to-know information.

Keep them in the loop

When you connect your SMS messaging to your own systems, you can trigger automated updates to flag changes, delays or disruption, or simply to confirm existing arrangements.

How can you help?

Help customers stay in control by imagining which situations you can help them in. Seize as many opportunities as possible to deliver useful, empathetic assistance.

People want travel alerts.  78% of customers turn on notifications for travel and transport alerts from messaging apps – more than any other industry .

82% of travel and hospitality companies believe mobile messaging has a ‘considerable’ or ‘major’ influence on their ability to grow revenues.

90% of them feel it has a ‘considerable’ or ‘major’ impact on customer service.

Collect feedback

Follow up with surveys that are carefully timed to gather valuable feedback just when passengers are eager to give it.

Go beyond reminders

Outstanding CX means anticipating every possible question and problem. Why stop at a travel reminder when you can also give them a heads up about long queues at security?

Choose a global provider

If your customers travel around the world, choose a global messaging solutions provider to help. The best providers should be able to communicate with customers in more than 200 countries worldwide.


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