What are SMS delivery alerts?

Take the hassle out of deliveries: keep your customers informed from store to door.

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Keep customers informed and in control

SMS is a quick, reliable, convenient way to communicate with customers and avoid the things that really annoy them: missed appointments, lost packages and waiting around for someone who’s running late.

Create happier, more loyal customers

Provide instant reminders and reassurance throughout the delivery process. Timely, empathetic communication is absolutely vital when there are disruptions or delays.

Achieve significant savings

Minimize missed deliveries and redeliveries. SMS is the easiest way for customers to re-schedule or change a delivery address – in seconds.

Design a text alert system that keeps customers in the loop

Hook it up to your CRM and automate fully so communication happens instantly. Acknowledge the order, send SMS reminders and follow up with alerts that confirm each stage of the delivery process.

Give customers control

Enable two-way texting so customers can make changes to delivery dates and locations. Follow up any changes with a text that confirms the new date or location.

Reduce missed deliveries

Giving customers the chance to rearrange by SMS reduces missed deliveries by 15% to 35%, our research has found.

Significant savings

Two-way SMS keeps you and your customers in sync. You’re not wasting your delivery driver’s time with a wasted trip and you avoid the expense of arranging a redelivery. Multiply that by all your deliveries and you’re looking at huge gains in efficiency. Discover just how much you’ll save here: ROI calculator for SMS delivery notifications.

Huge increase in customer satisfaction

SMS delivery alerts improve a customer’s retail experience. Almost half (40%) of customers mention delivery as the most significant element of their experience. (Convey)

Ensure personalization at scale

Choose a mobile shipping alert service that enables hassle-free personalization and integrates easily with your external systems. The most successful brands have embraced mobile messaging for their delivery and shipping communication.

Integrate alerts with your CRM system and enable interactivity

Automate to keep customers informed from order to delivery, and make sure there’s an open line of communication. Two-way texting enables customers to reschedule easily if timings or locations change.


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We can control nearly every aspect of the customer experience and we have a direct line to our customers. This means we can easily update them on their order, get feedback from them first-hand and respond instantly if things don’t go as planned.

Pradeep Ramakrishnan, CTO Yum! Restaurants (KFC India’s parent company)

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